Kat Peng Nagar is a classically trained dancer who studied Renaissance and Baroque dance with the Georgian Dancers at Ga. State University.  After graduation, she attended several historic dance workshops, including the Stanford Baroque Workshop and the Baroque Workshop in Wales (UK).  Ms. Nagar and dance partner, Chris Wilson, started Atlanta Baroque dance in 2000 which focuses on dances of the 17 th and 18 th century.  In 2001 Ms. Nagar began performing with, and eventually became dance assistant, to the Stately Vintage Dancers, a mid-Victorian dance company.  Studies in dance from other time periods soon followed while working with Big City Burlesque and Vaudeville, a group focused on performance from the 1940's.  Ms. Nagar has researched and recreated many of the historical accurate costumes that are worn during performance.  Ms. Nagar has delighted audiences, as performer and choreographer, on film, and in the Atlanta area for the last 14 years.  

Atlanta Historic Dance is comprised of a group of talented individuals that have a passion for history and social dance.  The group is dedicated to presenting these dances as accurately as possible in a fun and entertaining manner.  Some of our members are early music musicians, actors and historic costumers.

"Everyone raved about your performance! I promise to keep in touch and make sure you are a part of the next big event (because there’s always room for dancing!). Thank you again for adding so much to GPB’s first gala."

​Pamela Benson
Major Gifts Officer,
GA. Public Broadcasting